Hydro Crunch 15 Amp 24-Hour Heavy Duty Mechanical Dial Timer

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Hydro Crunch 24-Hour Heavy Duty Mechanical Timer offers automated lighting for consistent hours of light. UL listed and certified. Operates on 120-Volt can be used up to single 1000-Watt ballast wattage to 1725-Watt. 15 Min ON/OFF 15 Amp. To save energy and electrical cost, our 24-hour heavy duty mechanical dial plug-in timer is used to control lamps, radios, televisions, indoor Christmas lights, appliances. It will provide added security by automatically turning ON/OFF items in the home as well as save money and energy. Easy to install and operate with manual ON Timer switch.
Features a daily repeat schedule with variable schedule of 15-minute increments
Save energy and provide security while you are away
Automatically turns ON/OFF items in the home, gives the home a lived in look while away
1 grounded 3-prong outlets
UL listed and certified