54-Watt T5 Blue Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb Replacement for 4 ft. H/O 6400K Full Spectrum Grow Light (5-Pack)

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The Hydro Crunch 54-Watt 4 ft. T5 HO Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs feature a full spectrum and high output intensity with just 54-Watt power usage which provides everything you need to get your plants growing. Excellent for all indoor gardening applications and plant propagation. These linear fluorescent light bulbs are compatible with residential and commercial lighting applications. Cool spectrum for vegetative growing. The T5 bulbs advantage is to not only provide higher lumen output, but also to do so while consuming far less energy. Package Includes: 5 x T5 Light Bulbs (54-Watt each).

  • Package includes: 5 x T5 light bulbs (54-Watt each)
  • Brightness: 5,000-Lumen
  • Energy used: 54-Watt
  • Color temperature: 6400K
  • Blue cool spectrum is perfect for propagation or vegetative growing
  • Average useable lifespan is well over 20,000-hour
  • Use with a T5 high output fixture
  • Ideal for aquariums, greenhouses, propagation, germination or general office lighting